At this point, we’re all familiar with Michael Jordan’s history and if given a quiz could tell you what college he went to at the drop of a dime. The answer is University of North Carolina and this upcoming Nike release tells the story of a budding MJ and his humble beginnings.

The release of a new Air Jordan 1 colorway is always worth your attention but this time they’re being afforded the show-stopping favor of borrowing the Tarheels colorway. The light blue leather paneling is offset by swaths of white leather for a mix that is as gorgeous as the North Carolina sky on a crisp fall day. Classic is an understatement here as this is a pair that should definitely be on your shopping list.

An Oct. 31 release date has been set for these, which pits them head to head with Halloween. The set you're looking at is GS sized as well, which is quite the treat for the women and children.


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