Rare memorabilia from the late Tupac Shakur continues to be a hot ticket on the auction block. According to TMZ, auction house Goldin Auction are currently auctioning off a steamy love letter written by 2Pac while he was incarcerated.

Shakur wrote this missive in reply to a “passionate letter” he received while locked up at Clinton Correctional Facilities in 1995. In the letter, ‘Pac describes his sexual prowess in explicit detail, including his "12 positions of lovemaking" and many uses of baby oil. He asks his paramour, "Ever suck a n---- manhood while he pulled softly on your hair? Every had a n---- slide his manhood through the middle of your beautiful breasts?" He concludes his message with "Ever been f---ed by me?"

The letter includes an eye that he drew, and he signed the bottom of the letter with "Until the End of Time." Ironically, that is the title of Shakur’s 2001 posthumous album and song.

The opening bid for the letter is $4,000, but it's expected to sell for at least $25,000. You can read Tupac Shakur’s steamy love letter in its entirety at goldinauctions.com.

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