An old handwritten lyric sheet from Tupac Shakur is now up for auction. The memorabilia company Moments in Time has the late rapper’s lyrics to his 2002 song “Catchin’ Feelings.”

The song is from 2Pac’s Better Dayz album, which feature previously released songs, including an acoustic version of "Thugz Mansion (Acoustic Version)" featuring Nas.

According to TMZ, Gary Zimet, who owns MiT, is the proud owner of this rare 2Pac memorabilia. Apparently, he obtained it from an ex-employee at a studio where ‘Pac recorded the song back in 1996. The crafty studio guy was able to swipe the handwritten sheet and held on to it.

This prized 2Pac collectible can be yours for $38,500. TMZ has a photo of the lyric sheet, which appears to be encased in a picture frame along with the CD booklet and a picture of 2Pac.

In addition, Tupac Shakur memorabilia, including unreleased music and notebooks, are also up for auction for $35,000 via Moments in Time. Even 2Pac's 1996 Hummer H1 vehicle was up for auction.

With the 20th anniversary of Pac's death approaching (Sept. 13), the auction house expects collectors will pay big money for 2Pac's "Catchin' Feelings" lyric sheet.

Listen to 2Pac's Song "Catchin' Feelings"

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