Anonymous British future-pop producer Sophie has teamed up with PC Music head A.G. Cook as QT, and today they've premiered their debut song "Hey QT."

The track is described as a "twisted kawaii overload," and with the song's playground chants, exaggerated pop melodies, and helium-chirp vocals, it almost seems to be some sort of meta-commentary on the platonic ideal of pop music. And this description of the 100% Supernatural Energy Elixir only feeds into that theory:

So what, or who, is QT? She’s a sparkling future pop sensation - albeit one who is set to warp and stretch the notion of what a pop star actually is. It’s a drink, or more precisely a brand new Energy Elixir ("where organic and synthetic meet to stimulate an uplifting club sensation"). And it’s a song, a moment – "Hey QT" - which sees these two producers pushing their sound to its very extreme and creating a future anthem in the process.

Who knows if there's more QT material on the way, but for now, enjoy the sugar-shock club pop of their debut single, and if it's your cup of (sweet) tea, then definitely check out Sophie's two recent releases, "Lemonade" and "Hard," as well as PC Music's dizzying output.