Divisive and mysterious British producer Sophie has released "Hard," the B-side to his stellar new track "Lemonade," and both titles perfectly encapsulate the vibe of the respective songs. While "Lemonade" was like an IV of sugary neon goop and the hazy aftermath all rolled into one (and repeated twice), "Hard" is all sharp edges, with hyper-processed synths and a nearly-chaotic syncopated beat slicing through a syrupy low end.

Like most of his songs so far, this one features slightly warped pop vocals, clattering percussion that sounds nothing like actual drums, and moments of K-pop jubilance. Once again, the result is a dizzying flurry of electro-pop futurism.

The “Lemonade”/”Hard” single is out now on Numbers and will see a limited release on 12″ vinyl.