We get it, not everyone can buy the really nice gear they see in magazines, on Tumblr, or most importantly ANTENNA, but you can still look good thanks to Uniqlo — and, well, ANTENNA. These jeans are going for $49.90, which is the perfect price for us to write a super sensational headline and get you to click on this post.

Uniqlo describes these jeans as "extremely rare," and that's the only way anything from Japan should ever be — V. RARE. Obviously, these jeans aren't nearly as rare or well made as the selvedge denim that's on the market for $150+, but they can be a great starter pair for guys really strapped for cash. The denim isn't raw, and most denimheads won't even believe it passes for denim, but they're summer jeans that are on sale during SUMMERTIME. Not everyone wants to be sweating in cardboard stiff denim with the indigo-dye ruining every piece of furniture they sit on. What makes these jeans better than the ones you find at the mall? Hell, nothing really. Selvedge isn't what companies make it out to be, but it'll earn you some style points with people in the know.