Japanese megastore Uniqlo has kept things consistent over the years with their men's clothing: affordable essentials made of quality materials and decent craftsmanship. Nothing has changed with their latest run of blazers consisting of wool/poly blends and half-lined jackets for extra breathability.

Now, many experts of tailored menswear will tell you to watch out for blazers this cheap because they're usually mixed with polyester. You see, polyester is a synthetic material that doesn't breathe nearly as well as, say, a cotton or wool, thus making it much warmer to wear in the summer months. Most, if not all, blazers under $100 at your local mall will be blended with polyester because of how cheap they are to produce. Companies seeing the opportunity to make cheap garments with maximum mark-up take advantage of this cheap synthetic material and give it a bad name. But we're going to let you in on a little secret: Not all polyester is bad polyester.

With Uniqlo's polyester blazer situation, they've chosen to focus on the cut of the jacket. Creating a slimmer silhouette for more comfort and maneuverability, they've chosen to use a half-lining in the jacket, a place where most body heat gets trapped and makes the wearer uncomfortable. Also, their use of polyester, while minimal, also extends the longevity of the jacket. Polyester, being a synthetic, is made to last longer than wool or cotton and keeps the upkeep on the jacket minimal. In short: Polyester is a great material when used correctly (i.e. not in your crazy uncle's suits).

For the younger college demographic, these jacket just make so much sense. You're broke, you don't care about clothes, but you still want to look good — boom, Uniqlo men's wool blended slim fit jacket for $100. You're welcome.