Helmut Lang has joined forces with the Japanese retail giant, Uniqlo, to create some of the more interesting silhouettes in the leisurewear game. Yes, there is in fact a leisurewear game, ever heard of Zubaz, bro? We can't say for certain that this HL and Uniqlo collection will topple the legendary Zubaz from their perch, but we can say that these sweats wont be nearly as gaudy as those GOAT pants.

Alexandre Plokhov, new designer at Helmut Lang, designed the collection which will feature men's, women's, an even unisex clothing. Every piece will come in either black or gray, which we obviously mess with, and will be moderately price between $19.99 and $59.99. So, if you want to get technical, you can own some Helmut Lang for like 1/4 of the normal prices. You can't beat that.

The collection will drop in-store and online on September 22. We're hoping that some of the stuff we like falls under the "unisex" tab and not the "women's tab, but we'll just have to find out on September 22.


[via Refinery 29]