After we chatted with Los Angeles-based graphic artist Naturel the day before he opens his first gallery exhibition, "To Die For," at Dame Dash's Poppington gallery, we ran him through the ANTENNA Q+A. Check out his answers below, and pay special attention to No. 7. Best advice we've ever heard.

1. What was your favorite childhood cartoon and why?

I wasn't a cartoon guy. I don't know. I don't know, like, The Simpsons or something. Bart. There you go, I liked Bart.

2. When you go to the movie theater, what’s your must-have candy or popcorn situation?

My favorite candy is Skittles.

3. What’s the best TV show out right now?

Orange Is the New Black

4. Kobe or LeBron?

[Laughing] Both.

5. Favorite Disney Princess?

I got a daughter so this should come quick, man. [Pauses] They're all punks, man. They all suck. [Laughs]

6. When is the last time you Googled yourself, and why?

I can't tell you, and the reason why is because I don't do art for that.

7. What’s your shower routine?

Yeah, face before balls.

8. What do you think happens when you die?

I always thought you fly around the universe.

9. Tell us about your biggest heartbreak.

When Dilla dropped out of Slum Village. I know it was for health reasons, but it hurt.

10. President Obama, in one word?