Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez was dismissed from the World Cup with a nine-game suspension and a four-month ban from playing soccer at all after biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini in the middle of the teams' Group stage matchup. It's not the first time Suarez has bitten someone on the field. Actually, dude does this like all the time. Not done teething yet, bruh?

Anyway, Suarez originally told FIFA's disciplinary committee that the bite was an accident, and that he'd actually just fallen down and his teeth bumped into Chiellini's shoulder. Or something like that. Clearly, FIFA was having none of it. And on Monday, Suarez finally posted an apology to Twitter, which you can read in full here. Check it out:

Incredibly, Chiellini replied to Suarez and even said he hoped that FIFA would cut Suarez a break in his suspension.

Suarez is as unbelievably stupid as he is gifted on the pitch. But at least someone got through to him to apologize. Too bad it was too late to help his country—Uruguay fell to Colombia, 2-0 in the Round of 16.

[via Yahoo]