Nike F.C. has released this light Winger GF jacket to help you stunt on all of those meatheads at the gym. You know, just to let those guys know that you may not have muscles but you got steelo, and that's all women care about.

We stress the term "light" because from personal experience the jacket won't keep you particularly warm and dry in a monsoon, but it will for sure as fuck keep you looking nice while hypothermia sets in. The jacket even folds up into a fluorescent pouch for easy storage — in case you ever get caught up in a swag emergency.

You can buy the jacket now oat for $90.

Side note: Nike F.C. may not have had a team in Sunday's World Cup final match, but they DEFINITELY will not let you forget who scored the championship-winning goal. Nike's very own Mario Götze wore the Magista soccer cleat when he scored the game winning goal, and Nike is reveling in it. This screen grab was taken today from Nike's web store: