Shawl collar knits from Engineered Garments, so hot right now, shawl collar knits from Engineered Garments. We know we write about Engineered Garments a little too much, and we're not exactly sure why — WE DON'T EVEN LIKE THE BRAND BUT IT'S SO GOOD. Sorry for that existential crisis — back to the sweater.

This sweater features an all-over jacquard design and two patch pockets (to hide your weed in.) Actually, it would be the perfect sweater to smoke weed in — on account that it's basically a glorified drug rug. In fact, it has all of the perks of a drug rug, but none of the negative connotations, making it a viable option for you bros that will never get over your weed phase but eventually get office jobs.

And much like the legendary drug rug, this piece will keep you warm and is perfect to layer under or over, making it a versatile option that'll get you your money's worth.

The sweater is available at End Clothing right now, sans bowl packed with KK.