When asked about his new Spring 2015 collection by Style.com, Engineered Garments' very own designer Daiki Suzuki responded with, "This is something nobody else can do," and we're not going to disagree with that. Everyone seems to be talking about this collection, and this may be the one that finally propels EG from cult-brand to stars in the scope of menswear.

EG stayed trued to itself, bringing you jackets with 30 pockets on them (would write a joke about that, but "30 pockets" is the joke), a wide variety of earth tones mixed in with chambrays, and crazy, crazy prints. On a personal note, I was never really a fan of Engineered Garments in the past and still am not fully committed, but I must admit that the unique tunics and great choice of fabrics are really drawing me in and may get bought up type quick-fast when the collection finally drops.

Speaking of the collection dropping, no word yet on when that's happening but you can keep your eyes locked on Nepenthes to be the first to the drop. Yes, Nepenthes still only seems to have a bootleg Tumblr, but we think that it's actually kind of cool and hipster-different and shit.


[Via Style.com]