Engineered Garments FW 2014 gear is now available at Nepenthes and grabbing one of these outerwear pieces will make you want summer to end, QUICKLY. These jackets and blazers look perfect for some fall weather and pumpkin spice latte Instagrams that you'll surely be snapping. YES YOU. OH? You don't snap photos while wearing cool gear and drinking trendy seasonals and then put that shit into VSCO camera filters? Well, you should. Everyone knows VSCO camera filters bump you 1.5 points up. Add that onto some of this EG outerwear and all of a sudden you're a solid two points up on the scale. So, you've gone from a five to a seven. So, in reality these expensive jackets are actually an investment.

Yes, you're a seven, get over it. You can be the best looking dude on the planet but that doesn't mean shit until you have 100k in your bank account. If you have <$99,999.99 your grade is capped at a seven. Listen, we don't make the rules over here, we're just honest about how much we all suck.

Anyway, you can grab the the pieces over at Nepenthes. You'll probably have to call them and place a phone order if you're not located in NYC, but from personal experience the customer service at the store is very good.