Coolio is plotting a return to the rap game, or whatever, and he has enlisted the help of the all-powerful Pornhub to exclusively release all his new material, because there is no shame in the nostalgia game. The '90s icon will premiere his "Take It to the Hub" video on the hugely popular porn site, which provided the production team and "talent" for the visual. In exchange for the free vid, Coolio will release all of the new "music" from his "project" on Pornhub, where it will presumably be sandwiched between live chat GIFs and penis enlargement ads, and will serve as decent way to fast-click your way out of a pickle when somebody walks in on you in the middle of your one-man fantastic voyage.

The video looks to be as tasteful as you'd expect. In the SFW preview below, you can hear the director barking, "I'm not really seeing asses, let's make it all breasts and face," and you can see that Coolio is literally and figuratively the only one half-assing it.

People got paid to make that. And we got paid to write about it. This is the world we live in.

[via The Source]