People were worried what might happen in Brazil if the national soccer team was ousted early in the World Cup. Brazil made it to the semifinals of the tournament, but got drummed 7-1 by Germany on Tuesday. And while for the most part, things are reportedly pretty stable throughout Brazil's biggest cities, at least a couple buses were set on fire in Sao Paulo, according to AFP. More details:

Several buses have been set on fire and an electronics store looted in Sao Paulo following Brazil's crushing World Cup defeat to Germany, police say.

Police did not give a figure but Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper said on its website that some 20 buses were torched in a garage where unused vehicles were stored on Tuesday (Wednesday AEST).

Another three buses were set ablaze in other parts of the city.

Police did not confirm whether the fires were linked to Brazil's 7-1 defeat to Germany in the semi-final, which knocked the national team out of the World Cup.

"This is under investigation," a state police spokesman told AFP.

Looters ransacked an electronics store in the east of the city.

Buses are often burned by robbers or as a form of protest in Brazil.

Police "did not confirm" whether the rioting was linked to the 7-1 loss? Maybe Brazil needs some new police.

[via Yahoo]