Behold: a nearly five-minute review of last night's heart-pumping Game 5, which saw the Warriors outlast the Cavaliers, 104-91. Anyone who watched knows that the final score doesn't reflect just how close a contest it was all the way through -- game-tying threes, teams swapping leads and a constant stream of nail-biting tension as each team tried (and failed) to get and keep the upper hand.

We don't know about you, but we thought it was exhausting. Tired as we were afterward, that's nothing compared to how LeBron James must feel after playing 45 of 48 minutes, not to mention 228 out of 250 minutes through five excruciating games. That's what it takes when your two best teammates go down with injuries, leaving you with just a bunch of random dudes out there against a powerhouse squad featuring the league MVP that won 67 games in the regular season.

The NBA has been absolutely killing it on its YouTube channel, in case you haven't been paying attention. After the regular season ended, they gave us a great series of Top 10's -- buzzer beaters, crossovers and dunks, to name a few -- and now they're recapping the playoffs in similarly thrilling fashion. It's enough to make us sad that there are only one or two games left this year. The way this series has gone so far, we wouldn't mind watching a best-of-15 or best-of-21 between these two clubs. Though we doubt even LeBron could hold up for that long.

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