OMG OMG OMG OMG! Is this really happening? Have the skate/surf gods at Vans answered our prayers? Leather Vans that aren't really about skating at all and just about looking fire as fug?

If you don't live in the self-important bubble that is NYC, Vans sneakers, especially Sk8 His, have become extremely popular in the last two years with the trendy kids. The sneakers are perfect for wearing if you're walking a lot because their signature waffle soles are very durable and won't wear out too easily. One of the problems with the sneakers — and we're nit-picking here — is that they were made with a canvas upper, for obvious skateboarding reasons. Canvas, especially white canvas, is a bitch to clean, since dirt and grime on canvas can't be wiped off as easily as leather. When Vans and DQM teamed up for white leather interpretations of their classic silhouettes, they sold out quickly due to a limited run. It looks like Vans has taken to producing leather versions of their classic silhouettes on a much larger scale with this new LX pack AND WE'RE FUCKING PUMPED, BRO.

The sneakers are priced from $105-$135 and can be grabbed over at End Clothing. As usual with everything we post, hurry the fuck up. These aren't going to last too long.

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