Sometimes music videos attempt to portray a certain image or range of emotions, often unrealistic, depicting the actor(s) or actress(es) behaving in a specific way that corresponds to the director or band's own creative ideology for the song at hand.

TV on the Radio have gone and thrown that whole concept out of the window with their new music video for "Trouble," which focuses on the very real emotions associated with inner turmoil. You can check it out above.

According to singer Tunde Adebimpe, the band rounded up some strangers -- as well as people they know -- and asked them to “go to brighter or darker places inside themselves and let us be there with them for a little while.” It's an interesting concept for a song whose chorus chants, "Everything's going to be okay!"

The track appears on the Brooklyn indie band's latest album, Seeds, which was released on Nov. 18 via Harvest Records. They will kick off an extensive U.S. tour on May 8 at the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta. You can check out all of their currently scheduled tour dates and grab ticket info here.