Craig Sager was back on the sidelines for TNT on Thursday night in a triumphant return after he battled leukemia.

Sager, 63, hadn't been on the NBA beat since last April, but he didn't look rusty at all during Thursday's Thunder-Bulls game in Chicago, which included the Bulls mascot, Benny the Bull, issuing him a special Bulls-colored jacket, similar to the outlandish ones Sager is known for wearing.

During the broadcast, Sager, now in his 17th year with TNT, displayed some humor when talking about how good it felt to be back with the crew and updated everyone on his health, saying, "I think I'm back."

TNT also gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at what Sager's first night back at work looked like.

Sager's return did not go unnoticed by the basketball world. Several people chimed in on social media to share their best wishes and joy that Sager was once again working the sidelines:


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