It seems that the storylines get more elaborate with every Reebok Ventilator collaboration as each brand tells a distinct tale through design. Titolo is the next to get illustrative with a pair and for their effort, they went on a quest that feels almost spiritual by way of this Desert Dawn colorway.

Inspiration for the pair lies in its title as the desert dawn’s colors are inspired by the sun rising over the sandy terrain. The sneaker mimics this natural phenomena with a solid design. A light sand toe shines brightly and as we move to the heel, red, orange and black are revealed as parts of the desert yet to be awakened by the sun's rays. Titolo also brands itself on the heel for added emphasis -- just so you know who is responsible for creating something so fresh.

The Reebok Ventilator Desert Dawn will be available on July 25 at select retailers including Titolo. We’d suggest waking at the crack of dawn to get your hands on a pair.


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