The #outfitgrid hashtag has been bumping around social media for several years now, dating back to November 2012 according to the eponymous website. Is posting an outfit grid of your own showing off? Sure, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun too -- and not a bad way to find a bit of sartorial inspiration when you need it.

The gist is that you lay out whatever you're wearing on the ground, fold it neatly, arrange in a square pattern, and take a picture. Pretty simple stuff. With the right eye for color and item placement, you can produce a rather appealing image. And it's not just the clothes. The floor underneath also adds an element of character to each shot. Some outfits are laid out over stained hardwood, others on tiles. Some rest atop fancy rugs, while still more sit on monochrome carpeting -- presumably to avoid upstaging the outfits, right?

Now let's be clear: photographing your own clothes can get real obnoxious, real fast. Doing this sort of thing too often will make you much more of a pain in the ass than whatever global fashion icon you were hoping to be. But once in a while, we all can take a moment's pleasure in a well-put-together attire ensemble. No shame in that. But again: not too much. Use judgment.

With all that in mind, here are 10 of our favorites from recent months: