You can’t take five steps on TV these days without running afoul of some cast reunion, but The Wire fans were surprised to have one sprung on them during the Super Bowl last night. The Sobotka boys look to be doing all right, as fans’ arguably least-favorite season got an unexpected shout-out by Toyota Prius.

Among the myriad commercials filling the airwaves Sunday, Toyota Prius curiously staged a bank robbery populated by actors Chris Bauer, James Ransone and Pablo Schreiber, recognizable from their stints on The Wire Season 2 as Frank Sobotka, son Ziggy, and nephew Nick. Hell, even creator David Simon got a kick out of it:

Granted, no attention was drawn to the fact that the three actors belong to one of The Wire’s least well-received seasons (and lest we forget, one of their characters didn’t survive the year), and the spot seems oddly supportive of high-speed chases for a car commercial. Still, if we’re going to plead with the TV gods to leave The Wire resting in peace, this will make for a suitable stopgap.

In the meantime, check out the series on streaming, and enjoy our own take below.

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