It's been six years since the Gorillaz released new tunes, but now they're back with the new single "Hallelujah Money," featuring Benjamin Clemantine.

In fact, the entire clip takes place inside of an elevator in Trump Tower, and the director Girogio Testi flashes various images in the background, including pictures of the Ku Klux Klan, some of the animated Gorillaz characters and a killer clown.

According to one group member, the song was put out just in time for Trump's inauguration and serves as an official protest cut.

"In these dark times, we all need someone to look up to," said Murdoc, the bassist for the Gorillaz. "That's why I'm giving you this new Gorillaz song, a lighting bolt of truth in a black night. You're welcome."

You can check out the new video above.

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