It's been around 13 months since the entire world shut down due to the COVID-19 virus spreading like wildfire, but as of yesterday (April 22), Ted Nugent finally admitted that the pandemic is real.

Apparently it takes contracting the virus to comprehend its existence.

Earlier this week, the rocker revealed that he had tested positive for the virus, and thought he "was dying." ABC7 questioned him more about his experience with COVID-19 shortly after.

“I Ted Nugent not only was sicker than a dog but has tested positive for COVID-19 this afternoon how do you like that?" he said.

“There’s been worse conditions and health problems in the past in this country around the world where nobody ever shut down mom and pop diners and shut down entire economic societies in the United States of America,” he said of his prior denial of the severity of the pandemic. "That’s what I believe in I will continue to believe that that’s a hoax… but the pandemic is real and the people that are sick are real.”

To prove that Nugent was a skeptic, a compilation video of all the times he challenged the pandemic aired this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

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