There was a time when high school football players simply made a phone call to tell a college coach he was going to his school. Those days are long gone.

Upping the ante for memorable announcements is Deontay Anderson, a highly coveted four-star safety from Manvel, Tex., who told the world this week where he would play his college ball while skydiving because a letter, a phone call, a fax, an email, or smoke signals simply wouldn't do the trick.

Anderson chose Ole Miss, who had better hope he stays out of planes while he's enrolled, less he risk injury.

Of course, you can also say this whole thing is a metaphor for how Anderson hopes to take the Rebels to new heights.

Anderson's stunt definitely feels like a sign of the times. Players now typically have press conferences and appear on TV to declare their intentions. They're treated like superstars and saviors when they're not even through being teenagers. Those who lament how big the business of college football has become can point to Anderson and a system in which athletes are considered heroes, even before they suit up for a game.

What do you think? Was Anderson's move too over the top or is it simply a case of a kid just having fun with his decision?