It was only a matter of time. As if Roger Goodell's hands weren't already full, the NFL has now come under fire from Rihanna and must emerge from her all-consuming shade. RiRi's performance of "Run This Town" with Jay Z was scheduled to open the 2014 season of CBS/NFL Network's Thursday Night Football and appear each week, but in light of the Ray Rice debacle, the networks went full-on dunderhead and pulled the pre-produced intro for week 1 — as if that would draw less attention to the fact that Rice beat the shit out of a woman and the NFL shrugged its shoulders. But now the NFL wants to proceed as planned with the star-studded intro (Don Cheadle will provide weekly narration), so Rihanna slammed the league on Twitter.

Godspeed, Roger Goodell. People have weathered scandal, but nobody has lived to tell the tale of a Rihanna shading.

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