Riff Raff is fired up and starting beef with harmless British crooner Sam Smith. After Smith posted an Instagram from the VMAs with Riff cut out of the photo, the gonzo rapper took to Twitter early this morning to call Smith a "chubby little fuck factory" with a "super huge" face.

"Fuck factory" doesn't seem so bad! The face insult was pretty childish, though.

At the VMAs, Smith was seated with fellow Brit Charli XCX and Katy Perry, who was next to her denim-clad date, Riff Raff. The photo in question only depicts the three pop stars; however, Smith posted other photos featuring Rap Game Patrick Ewing.

Unless it's, like, your girl slicing you out of a pic and leaving some other dude in, complaining about getting cropped out of a photo ain't exactly how to be the man.

[via Idolator]

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