Technically, we don’t know who Christoph Waltz is playing in Spectre. But he sure looks like he’s a rebooted version of James Bond’s old arch-nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld; legendary terrorist and leader of the evil organization SPECTRE. And even if it turns out that Waltz isn’t technically playing Blofeld, as the head of the reborn SPECTRE, he’s basically playing a new version of the same guy. Which got us thinking: What other classic Bond characters would we like to see added to current 007 continuity? Who should Daniel Craig square off with or romance with a pithy one-liner? In no particular order, here are our five top picks (along with five videos of the original versions of the characters in action):

From Die Another Day (2002)
Originally played by Halle Berry

Hopefully Spectre will mix this formula up, but all too often, even in the 2010s, the female characters in Bond adventures remain beautiful but forgettable. Few possess even a fraction of 007’s skills and charm. Die Another Day’s Jinx was a rare example of a Bond girl designed as the hero’s equal; someone who could drop terrorists dead in addition to being drop-dead gorgeous. It was a great idea, and Halle Berry was a good choice for the role. The only problem was the movie she was in; Die Another Day was a goofy, cartoonish disaster. In a Daniel Craig-style Bond (and with a costume that’s classic and iconic instead of a jumpsuit that looks like it was made out of Fruit Roll-Ups), Jinx could be the best Bond girl ever.

Francisco Scaramanga
From The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)
Originally played by Christopher Lee

A lot of Bond’s best bad guys are twisted mirror images of 007; men with the same drive and skills but lacking his moral compass. A perfect example is Francisco Scaramanga, aka “The Man with the Golden Gun,” (his bullets aren’t super-deadly like they were in the GoldenEye video game; they’re just his calling card). Maybe it’s the passing of the great Christopher Lee, who played the role with great haughty evil (and who, in a surreal twist, was related to Bond creator Ian Fleming) that has us thinking of Scaramanga, but it feels like he’s an awesome creation worthy of a better movie than the so-so TMwtGG (one where he doesn’t randomly have a superfluous third nipple for no reason whatsoever).

From Goldfinger (1964)
Originally played by Harold Sakata

The most famous Bond henchman of all time, Oddjob famously worked in the employ of the metal-obsessed Auric Goldfinger, dispatching his boss’ enemies with his razor-brimmed bowler hat, which is so sharp it can cut the head clean off a statue. His battle with Sean Connery’s 007 at the end of Goldfinger remains a series highlight, and despite only appearing in a single Bond film, Oddjob endures as a beloved character. There’s been some speculation that Dave Bautista’s character in Spectre, Mr. Hinx, is an assassin in the Oddjob mold. He should be great, but a return of the genuine article would be even better.

Rosa Klebb
From From Russia with Love (1963)
Originally played by Lotte Lenya

The Bond films are synonymous with glamorous, buxom women. Ironically though, one of the most memorable women in the entire 24-film Bondology was Rosa Klebb, a diminutive crone working underneath Ernst Blofeld as a key figure in the original iteration of SPECTRE. After her well-muscled hit man (a young Robert Shaw) fails to kill Bond, she takes on the job herself, jabbing at our hero with a poison-tipped dagger that she hides in one of her shoes in an unforgettable fight sequence. It goes about as well as you’d expect, but major points to Rosa for giving it her all. Shine on, you crazy SPECTRE agent.

From GoldenEye (1995)
Originally played by Sean Bean

Like Scaramanga, Sean Bean’s 006 is a Bond doppelganger. In GoldenEye’s pre-credits sequence, he teams with Pierce Brosnan’s 007 to destroy a secret Soviet weapons’ depot. It looks like 006 dies on the mission, but (SPOILER ALERT) he doesn’t, and returns many years later to hound his old partner. GoldenEye layers on a needlessly complicated backstory for the character; all you really need is a former Bond ally whose lost his way and will stop at nothing to get revenge. Cast another great, grave actor like Bean, pit him against Daniel Craig, and watch the sparks fly.