FINALLY, the Danish brand Rascals' has decided to grace us with an e-commerce site. We've been waiting for the site for, like, a long time to get some Scandinavian good-good. Buying Rascals' gear wasn't always the easiest of tasks for people not "in the know," seeing as how there were only a few stores online sold that sold the brand. Thank god Rascals' finally decided to bless us with the e-commerce shop to help us grab some of its unique clothing and add some cool shit to our closets. Better yet, thank god the brand finessed a $15 flat rate shipping deal to us scrubs over in here in North America — a largely swagless region.

The brand released its F/W 2014 collection via the web store so there's already some fire shit on the site. Check it out and be smart about that flat rate shipping deal (i.e. ask your homies to cop some shit with you, fool).

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