Rapper Prince Harvey recently took to the floor model computers of his neighborhood Apple Store to record his entire new album, PHATASS, without anyone ever knowing what he was up to.

According to the Daily Beast, he recorded the album at the Apple Store in SoHo five days a week over the course of 16 weeks. He hit a few speed bumps along the way including resistance from impatient security guards, stolen equipment and even a store fire drill. His unique mission took form after his own computer and external hard drive died when he set out to start recording.

The title of the record (which will be released July 26) is an acronym for "Prince Harvey At The Apple Store: Soho."

Speaking on the album's content, which consists entirely of mouth-made vocals and beats, Harvey said, “I wasn’t interested in popular music. Nothing was about me or people like me. So I want to reinvent the future and music... I’m just a creator. I want to inspire other people to create — show them that you don’t need all these things to be successful.” Check out its lead single "Sometimes" below.

Prince Harvey - "Sometimes"