Slam Jam looks to celebrate their 25th anniversary in a major way with a little help from Puma. For the momentous occasion, the Italian retailer is bringing two clean collaborations to life that are both decadently decked out in luxurious materials.

The Puma States and Puma Trinomic XT2 Plus are included in the set and while they are very different shoes, they feel very similar here thanks to the unified theme. Leather, ballistic nylon and even pony hair help add to the affair while crisp white accents contrast perfectly.

Getting your hands on these may prove to be tricky. They are set to drop exclusively to Slam Jam in Milan on Feb. 23 with a wider, yet still limited global release on March 14. However, trust us when we say that stepping out in a pair of these will be the ultimate reward.

Slam Jam

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