Despite how stone-faced Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor may seem, he's proven that he's able to have fun with the frustrating holiday that is April Fool's: NIN announced the release of Strobe Light, a new album produced by Timbaland.

The album -- seemingly a parody of bizarre release methods and other aspects of the music industry -- features an intricate series of hoops to jump through in order to actually get your hands on it:


To download NIN's new full-length album Strobe Light, PRODUCED BY TIMBALAND, enter a valid email address in the fields below," the album website reads. "A download link will be sent to you immediately. Your credit card will be charged $18.98 plus a $10 digital delivery convenience fee. Your files will arrive as windows media files playable on quite a few players with your name embedded all over them just in case you lose them. You will also receive an exclusive photo and a free email account with our partner Google's Gmail service.

Your email will be kept confidential and will not be used for spam, unless we can make some money selling it.

The album cover features Reznor in a pair of white stunner shades, black jacket and steely glare. The tracklist includes "everybody's doing it (featuring chris martin, jay-z AND bono)," "pussygrinder (featuring sheryl crow)," "on the list (she's not)," and other hilariously titled songs.

Entering an email address and attempting to download Strobe Light results in a blue screen of death titled "Aprl_Fls."

Update: Reznor actually "released" this album years ago, but we're hoping with each April Fool's that passes, he gives its reality some serious thought:

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