Nick Offerman—you might know him better as Ron Swanson, inventor of the Pyramid of Greatness—is a man of many interests. He loves playing his guitar, working with wood and riding horses, but the trouble is, his first love is whisky. And sadly, one cannot drink whisky while doing any of those other things.

In other words, what a perfect topic to write a song about! And fortunately for all of us, this is just the first in an upcoming series. Offerman and Diageo, the liquor company that produces such outstanding single malts as Lagavulin and Oban (featured above), will be releasing several more tales and songs of one man's love for the absolute peak achievement in human alcohol creation: scotch.

And just in case you needed to freshen up on your Pyramid of Greatness, here you go:

Pyramid of Greatness
Click to enlarge. (Image via Parks and Recreation Wikia)

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