Last night, Nick Cannon was reportedly spotted wearing these $2 million Tom Ford shoes on America's Got Talent. We say "reportedly" because, 1) We would never be caught watching ANYTHING Nick Cannon has been a part of after 2005. (Shout out to Drumline! That's a classic!) And, 2) Nobody cares about America's Got Talent, bro.

Cannon apparently commissioned jewelry designer Jason Arasheban to create the custom pair of Tom Ford loafers and make them so tremendously gaudy that only Nick could love 'em. The $2M price tag also makes these loafers the most expensive shoes in the world, which is an achievement in its own right. We think they'd look even better paired with a $200K gold shirt.

We don't even know how Nick Cannon could afford these shoes — did Mariah Carey forget to sign the pre-nup? Damn, we need to marry and divorce a Mariah-type quick.

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