JP Yim / Stringer, Getty Images

Neil deGrasse-Tyson vs B.o.B has unexpectedly turned into one of the most entertaining rap beefs ever. Just when you thought this couldn't possibly get any weirder--deGrasse-Tyson strikes back. The acclaimed astrophysicist is featured on a response to B.o.B's diss track "Flatline;" the hard-hitting "Flat To Fact."

Written by the scientist's nephew "TYSON," the rhymer spits that "I've got science in my corner" and "I think it's very clear that Bobby didn't read enough/And he's believing all of this conspiracy theory stuff."

"Are these your thoughts or the loud talking?" deGrasse-Tyson raps.

TYSON calls Neil the "DJ Khaled of teaching Bobby about the sun." If you can't respect that, your whole perspective is wack. He slams everything from B.o.B's music to Stacey Dash to Donald Trump. And it closes with: "To be clear, being five centuries regressed in your reasoning, doesn't mean we can't all still like your music," deGrasse-Tyson reiterates from his earlier tweet.

Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.


CHECK OUT Neil deGrasse-Tyson in "Flat To Fact:"