Have you taken a good look at what's in your shower caddie lately? Is it still the same stuff you've been using for years? That's fine, we all get comfortable in our routines, and most of us would rather not spend too much time in the toiletries aisle. We understand.

But allow us to draw your attention to a particularly appealing product we came across recently: Bourbon & Leather Soap, by das boom. Read up:

Keep this bar at your sink or in the shower. Bourbon & Leather is a truly unique scent that simply works. Who would have thought that these two amazing goods could come together to form such a manly bar of soap. Our B&L everything bar has a top layer of sweetness that gives way to a dangerous potency, like a cocktail at a speakeasy. All of this in addition to Blue Green Algae, Rosemary Extract and Argan Oil make this the perfect OS for your body care essentials.

Basically, you're gonna like the way you smell after using this stuff. Because you'll smell like bourbon. And leather. And even if you're not crazy about it for whatever reason, at least you got rid of that Irish Spring you've been using for far too long.

Grab some at the das boom page ($15), or on Amazon ($18).