It’s a common complaint about modern movies: Between 3D and extensive computer special effects, they all start to look like theme park rides. And while that’s a subjective value judgment, the opposite is increasingly and objectively true; with each passing year, more and more theme park rides start to look like movies.

The big new attraction at the Magic Kingdom this year is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster based on Snow White. Universal just opened a whole new section of its Florida park based on the world of Harry Potter, including a Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts attraction. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is in the midst of a major expansion based on James Cameron’s Avatar and Epcot recently closed their old Maelstrom log flume to make way for a major new Frozen attraction. Sensing a pattern? That’s because there’s a pattern, and it is this: It’s a small world at theme parks, and it’s getting very crowded with movie-based properties.

But even with more movie rides popping up all the time, there are some that ideas that never come to (Fast)pass. In the age of the Internet, though, nothing stays buried for long, and concept art for many of the coolest and most creative unproduced ideas have wound up on the web for fans to salivate over and wonder what if. Here now are almost 20 examples of incredibly cool looking movie attractions that never happened — but almost did. Peruse the gallery above and ponder what might have been. And if anyone wants to start a Kickstarter for the Mel Brooks Haunted Hotel, count me in for a major donation.