You'd think that on Father's Day of all days, the baseball gods would grant us a dad-centric highlight, wouldn't you? But you'd be wrong.

Not that that makes this catch any less impressive. During the A's-Angels game on Sunday in Oakland, a mom was busy holding her youngster when a foul ball off the bat of L.A.'s Daniel Robertson flew in her direction. She snagged the souvenir and, like any good parent, gave it to her child.

And that's where this story takes a sinister turn. Rather than, oh who knows, say, "Thanks, Mom, I may never have the opportunity to hold a real Major League ball ever again," the disrespectful little tyke immediately tried to hurl his precious gift away. Fortunately the mom again showed her lightning-quick reflexes, blocking the kid's rebellious -- and just plain rude -- attempt. (And seriously, kid, do you really think you have the arm strength to throw that thing even a few measly rows? Much less all the way back onto the field. Kids today...)

Perhaps we're inventing a conflict here where none actually exists. Perhaps that kid really doesn't possess an abnormally high level of animus in his heart. Perhaps we should just appreciate this moment of baseball-driven joy and sunshine. Perhaps...

But we like the idea of a wicked little kid getting rejected by his righteous, gifted mother. Much better story, isn't it? This is the internet after all. If we didn't make it sound OUTRAGEOUS, why would you bother clicking?

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