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Miley Cyrus Inks Deal With NBC Universal

Miley Cyrus has signed a massive deal with NBC Universal to develop multiple scripted and unscripted shows for NBC, Bravo, E!, Oxygen, SYFY, Universal Kids, USA and Peacock. Her first project will be producing a Pride special that will air exclusively on Peacock next month. (via Variety)

Most People End a Friendship by Ghosting Their Former Pal

A new survey shows that 71 percent of people have said their go-to method for ending a friendship is by simply ghosting the person. We guess some things are better left unsaid... (via YouGov)

Joe Exotic Says He Has Prostate Cancer, Needs to Leave Prison 

The star of Tiger King says he has prostate cancer — and needs to get out of prison, stat. In a series of tweets, Joe Exotic revealed that he is rapidly losing weight and has developed sores in his mouth, adding that he wants to be released from prison so he can receive medical treatment. Exotic said he wants President Biden to sign "that pardon that Trump left behind so I can go home and get proper medical care and proper food.”

Bill Gates Got Curved by Women at Work: Report

Bill Gates allegedly has a history of pursuing women... and getting turned down. The New York Times reported on two incidences in which Gates reportedly hit on employees, who shut him down quickly. Reportedly, he also had an affair with a Microsoft engineer that lasted for years, and it's the alleged reason why he stepped down from Microsoft's board. (via TMZ)

This Accordion Cover of Billie Eilish Is Everything (We Wanted)

An accordion player and his rock band covering Billie Eilish's"bad guy"? Watch below. (You'll thank us later.)

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