The world continues to mourn the passing of Prince, but no one has expressed his sorrow quite like Mike Tyson.

The boxing great posted – how shall we say? – a rather bizarre tweet with a photo in which he photoshopped his face with the late great musician.

We’re not sure what’s more eye-raising here, the fact Tyson actually tweeted this or he knows how to use Photoshop.

Whatever the answer, the tweet, which lampoons Prince's self-titled second album, was greeted with the type of disbelief and shock you'd expect.

The sports world has been very vocal in expressing its sadness in the wake of Prince’s death, but this is just off the charts, although given Tyson’s personality can anyone really be surprised he’d pull a stunt like this?

What do you think? Was Iron Mike’s tweet crazy or do you think it was a nice gesture?

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