A springy new M.I.A. song has popped up on The Partysquad's free summer mixtape. "Gold" finds Maya teaming up with her Matangi collaborators, who have served up a squawking beat that's right in that Major Lazer-Switch sweet spot. M.I.A. returns to full-on rapping for the cut, nonchalantly dropping lines about drones and GPS tracking, as she is wont to do, and sandwiches her verse with a spoken hook that repeats, "Show me your gold, do what you're told / No time for games, put on your blindfold," like some dope Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack outtake.

The Dutch producers hooked up with M.I.A. previously on two Matangi tracks, "Double Bubble Trouble" and "Y.A.L.A." Hear "Gold" below, or stream the whole mix with the new M.I.A. collab at 45:24.

[via NME]

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