Frequently cited as one of the better Instagram feeds for men's fashion, the Men With Street Style are an excellent source of fashion ideas for anyone looking for a casual yet cool look. There's no reason you can't pull off something with just the right look even if all you've got is a pair of well-broken-in blue jeans, a bomber jacket and an old graphic T-shirt.

They're an offshoot of the more well-known Men With Class, which we'll cover sometime down the road. The differences between the two can be pretty easily spotted just by looking at their names, and this week we're taking a look at the street-savvy set.

You may notice, if you're the observant type, that all of the models' heads are cropped out. That's probably because they're not actually models (we think), but rather regular guys who just happen to have a sweet sense of street style. Do what they do, and maybe someday your pic will show up on their feed.