The gods of Marvel are not like our friendly, crinkly-eyed Judeo-Christian gods. They are the furious, tempestuous gods of old, and they demand a proper tribute from the fleshy weaklings on Earth. The Spartan Marching Band of Michigan State University saw fit to give glory to their chosen deities through the only method they know, combining humanity’s three highest art forms: music, flag-twirling, and arranging standing human bodies in intricate patterns.

In a game between Michigan State University and University of Michigan — which are apparently two different places with comparably passionate followings of football fans — MSU unveiled their newest and most forwardly viral-leaning routine to date, structured around tunes pertaining to Marvel’s sprawling mythology of heroes and villains. Some of the selections are compositions taken straight from Marvel Studios’ connected universe of films, such as the theme that soundtracks Guardians of the Galaxy. But where Guardians turns up, solid-gold ’70s pop hits can't be far behind, and the MSU band is only too happy to oblige blaring covers of Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” from that film’s soundtrack. Some of the other selections don’t adhere as rigidly to the parameters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, like classic tunes from Marvel’s past (the classic Spider-Man theme song, for instance).

It really is an impressive feat of specificity and skill, not to mention the commendably involved narration from the man who we can only assume is half-drunk in the announcer’s booth. Surely, the Marvel gods will be pleased with this display and will take pity on we humans by easing their onslaught of new releases until next year.

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