Even in the increasingly eclectic Chicago hip-hop multiverse, Lucki Eck$ is hard to pin down. The teenager certainly doesn't fit with the drill movement, but his stuff isn't a full-on "escape" the way Chance the Rapper or Vic Mensa's is, either, thanks to a weariness in his voice. And he seems to be fully tapping into that weathered side of his persona on new tape Body High (out July 18). Like "Reflections" and "Xan Cage," new song "Finesse" utilizes a hazy, heady beat, and over SKYWLKR's static-blasted arrangement, the old soul nonchalantly raps about finessing some deals at school.

On Alternative Trap, Eck$ showed a willingness to use whatever beat suited his mood, resulting in a diverse and unpredictable project. Based on what we've heard so far from Body High, he seems to be aiming for a more cohesive sound this time.

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