Seems like these days most of us don't really have much need for a good watch. We've all got smartphones, which means we've always got easy access to the time -- so why spend hard-earned money on a timepiece?

Well, for starters, few accessories can instantly class up a man's appearance the way a proper watch can, whether you're wearing your best three-piece or just hitting the bar for a few drinks. And you don't need some massive-diamond-studded monstrosity that weighs down one side of your body either. Just a solid, well-made device can do wonders for how you look, not to mention how you'll feel knowing you've got a classic -- and classy -- gadget on your wrist that all men with style have been wearing for centuries.

And hey, it tells time too -- and probably runs out of battery far less frequently than your iPhone.

Instagram's best follow for watches? No doubt about this one: Hodinkee. Take a look ...

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