Attention to all nerdy kids with swagger on 100 and social skills on 0: Your demi-gawd Ronnie Fieg has decided to hit y'all with a quick little summer-weight denim run to help you to transition from late summer to early fall. Bullet points on this summer-weight washed denim collection:

  • — The Mercer II is back, which is an optimal pair of jawnery to catch unparalleled dubz — that is, if any of you mouth-breathers were actually able to catch said dub.
  • — The darker, long-sleeved, all-over leopard print Chambers Button Up ($85) comes in a 7oz washed indigo denim while the short-sleeved alternative ($80) comes in a slightly heavier denim and is adorned with palm trees.
  • — The collection will be available tomorrow, August 9th, at Kith locations and online at
  • — If you really want to be cool like the young go-hards, you need to always have a toothpick in your mouth Razor Ramon style. Nothing says badass like the possibility of almost-maybe-probably-never tripping while walking down the street and having your larynx punctured. Girls love the bad boy.

That's it, everything you need to know about the Kith Summer collection dropping tomorrow. Make sure to grab a pair of those Mercer II pants to keep that first day of school outfit extra fly and finally impress Becky.

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