After dropping his unexpected Harry Fraud collabortion "Danger in the Dark," King Tuff is back with "Headbanger" off Black Moon Spell, which is one of the best releases of the month. Ol' Tuffy is one of the few people in indie rock who can throw around the term headbanger and mean it, so the track goes all-in on its mission to channel the glam and scuzz of that cranial act's heyday.

"Headbanger" starts out with a demonic voice (no doubt a result of the LP's haunted recording session) before Tuff tells a love story centered on a couple's mutual love of heavy metal, which of course involves cemetery make-out sessions and headbang-centric double entendres. There's even a video (which is not the video, but is rad nonetheless) starring the Devil, but all the "number of the beast" signifiers are swaddled in King Tuff's typical playful melodicism, resulting in a song that's like a gruff '70s hesher who turns out to be super affable.

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