We’re just over a year from the end of Comedy Central’s Key & Peele, and even with all 300+ sketches available online, fans can’t help missing the duo’s comedic voice. Keegan-Michael Key, at least, isn’t sure where they’d begin to weigh in on topics like the current election, but thinks Key & Peele itself might find space to return a few years down the line, whether a new season, or a sketch movie.

A lengthy interview with UPROXX saw Key on a number of topics, from the origins of his Second City partnership with collaborator Jordan Peele, to the value of Obama’s anger translator Luther, at a time when political outrage is already bubbling over every corner of the internet. Asked if the show itself could return (in perhaps a new format) years down the line, however, Key offered:

I think it’s absolutely possible. Absolutely possible. I, and I cannot speak for my partner, I would say that it’s probable. Maybe what it is is that Jordan and I, you know, we made Keanu, we make another film. We make another film, and then maybe our fourth film is a sketch film. Like you said, it’s still so fresh. We haven’t discussed this or talked about it. But that’s something that I would welcome. That I would welcome. I would really enjoy doing that.

Now, the only other very germane thing to discuss, would be why are we doing this? What would the reason for doing it be? So I’d have to share my criteria with Jordan and that criteria, of course, would develop over the next decade, wouldn’t it? And he would have to share his criteria with me. We could figure out, together, what situation would be better.

Key hasn’t yet taken part in the official CW revival of MADtv, where he and Peele got their early mainstream exposure, but what might it take for the comedy duo to consider a new season of Key & Peele itself?

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