Jerry Seinfeld has decided to do a Reddit AMA on short notice this afternoon. That's the cool news. The lame news is that his session (at 3 p.m. ET) isn't a full AMA: According to his tweet (which you can see below), he'll spend 30 minutes answering questions about this week's episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, which features Robert Klein, which, ugh. How can "Who is Robert Klein" take up 30 minutes?

Kidding! We know who Klein is. He was very funny back in the day, and he is an influence to all the right people — Seinfeld, Larry David, Billy Crystal, etc. Now, though, he seems to have become one of those old school Broadway-type comedians, with a one-man-show comedy sensibility that's more about performing, and that's exactly why this AMA won't exactly be the Louis CK generation's cup of tea (and/or coffee).

Of course, this being Seinfeld and another comedy legend, anything (nothing) could happen, so it'll be worth keeping an eye on the proceedings. And in the meantime, read Jerry's completely worthwhile first AMA from January.

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